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Maria & Miguel’s Wedding at La Jolla Ballroom

2015 April 12
by rickyste

This wedding featured a really beautiful bride and some really difficult conditions. Sometimes because of church scheduling or whatever a wedding gets pushed back to the point that it starts after sunset and every picture you take has to be lit by you and only you because the sun’s asleep. That was the case here. It wasn’t so bad in the getting ready room or the church – I’m used to those conditions – but when every portrait features 100% photographer made lighting AND you have the normal extreme wedding rush to get them done because the receptions about to start . . . well, it can be stressful. To say the absolute least.

Fortunately for the couple, I’m really experienced and really awesome at this job so we got it done. You’ll see my night portraits below and please consider that all the background light is mine as well. So there. I’m so amazing.

Shot with Michael Alonso of Michael Alonso Photography

Karishma and Anthony’s Wedding at the Jacaranda Golf Club

2015 April 8
by rickyste

Indian weddings are every photographer’s favorite (stylistically speaking anyway; they’re really tiring). Colors, baby. Details. Intricate pieces of art worn by the ladies in attendance.

That’s not to knock American weddings; they provide a lot of love, laughs and warmth. So when Karishma and Anthony came to me describing a marriage between the two (nice pun Ricky!) I was more than intrigued. My excitement was paid off in spades.

The wedding was a really lighthearted, super fun event where everyone was there to have an awesome time and celebrate. Sign me up, again and again!

Elizabeth’s Quince Portraits Around Miami Beach

2015 April 4
by rickyste

Beautiful (beautiful) girl, gorgeous locations, and me? Let’s let the photos do the talking!

Hillary & Sam’s Wedding at the Delray Beach Marriott

2015 April 2
by rickyste

Since I am a human, sorta, I typically work best when I can relate to the couple and the crowd. I am really, REALLY good at fitting in and relate really well to almost everyone, but when presented with a big Jewish wedding, with a couple of total sweethearts for a couple . . . it just feels like home.

Hillary and Sam could have easily, no problem been my friends at summer camp, so I had an incredibly good time laughing with them, witnessing their total love and setting up awesome photos. Their whole wedding was excited for them, genuinely, and their photographer was as well. I even got to squeeze all the beauty out of the Marriott! Reflective floors! Get it!

Shot with my sister from another mister, Michelle Feingold-Vila from

Miami Beach Family Photographer at the Bass Art Museum

2015 March 31
by rickyste

I love this family. I’ve shot them before and mentioned previously that Warren is a full fledged, globe trotting photojournalist (or at least used to be) and an excellent one at that. So it’s always a lot of good pressure to shoot his family because I know that he knows that I know that he knows quality photos.

I insanely, stupidly brought my Leica for this session without thinking it through and was forced to chase a two year old around with a manual focus camera. Doh! I did it though :)

Janelle & Charlie’s Wedding at the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach

2015 March 27
by rickyste

I had such a great time at this wedding because the bride and groom were so incredibly nice and up for photos, it made my life very easy. A beautiful day on the beach, ceremony in a lovely gazebo, parrots, blue skies . . . tough life I lead, let me tell you. It’s pretty amazing that I just so happened to live in a location that is a destination all on its own and decided to be a wedding photographer because it really does lead to gorgeous photos, as evidenced by this awesomely tropical wedding.

The way Janelle and Charlie incorporated the natural beauty of Miami into their big day was inspiring for me, which is hard considering I live here, shoot here and am more or less immune to tropical beauty – but this time it worked through my jaded filter and I was impressed – always good for photos. So is generalized silliness, and they thankfully provided me with that as well :)

Katie + Alfie’s Engagement Session at Vizcaya

2015 March 25
by rickyste

Katie and Alfie are a VIP couple of mine – not because they’re an attractive couple (they are) and not because they are close friends with a prior couple who was awesome (they are). No, they’re VIP’s for the same reason any couple of mine becomes a VIP – they’re FUN. I don’t prefer couples that are gorgeous and bland to a couple that’s not as photogenic but super fun tp be around. I have a zillion pictures, what I want in my life is happiness, laughs and fun. When the two come together as they do with Katie and Alfie, hey all the better!

Shooting at Vizcaya isn’t as easy as everyone assumes. The architecture and gardens are obviously wonderful but their hours aren’t exactly conducive to great photos. The majority of the time you spend there is in harsh, bad light. So I took the opportunity to play around and try to use the harder light to my advantage for some truly breathtaking results. Yay Ricky!

Alexis & Alejandro’s Wedding

2015 March 24
by rickyste

There’s always something special about shooting at people’s homes. I always love to explore the different angles, hallways, mirrors, pass-thrus – the entire layout is always (by definition) new and unique. I know I’ll never get another chance at shooting there so I always try to make it count. I love working in hotels as well, but let’s face it, I’ll be at (hotel name here) every other weekend until I retire. The opportunity to step into someone’s home presents a literal once in a career opportunity every time, and I love that sort of thing.

At this beautiful wedding, I got the chance to exploit not just one private residence but TWO! And that’s on top of the Church of the Little Flower and the groom’s getting ready at the Biltmore, covered expertly by Tasha Schwartz from . The great locations took a backseat to the wonderful couple of course, especially this most beautiful bride. Alexis looked absolutely perfect, from her hair to makeup to dress, she pretty much came out of central casting for “princess bride” while staying as sweet as can be.

I truly enjoyed the experience and I hope you love the photos, including a multi-colored light up dance floor (!) – enjoy!

Shandra + Will’s Engagement Session

2015 March 24
by rickyste

. . . and Nathanael, of course. This beautiful family met up with me at Volunteer Park where they love to hang out, play at the playground and generally enjoy life – which is precisely what we did at the session. Sometimes I have to be careful because I find myself enjoying hanging out with people too much and not focusing on taking the best pictures, and that was dangerously close to happening here. Fortunately, I was able to force myself to like them less so I could do my job properly :)

Now I just hope they don’t suck me back in at the wedding. These super friendly, funny couples are bad for business!

Sabrina & George’s Wedding at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

2015 March 2
by rickyste

If it seems like I spend a lot of time at the MBBG lately, it’s because I have been. It’s obvious why couples love it – it offers a ton of natural beauty, cool features like the ubiquitous red bridge and access to more urban-y locations nearby. So how do I keep it fresh? It’s easy – focus on the couple.

A bride and groom like Sabrina and George makes wedding photography a breeze because they provide so much emotion. This wedding ran the gamut from laughter to tears of joy and no one was safe from the excitement of the day, not even me. It also helped that they and their bridal party clearly loved pictures and patiently agreed to assist me in whatever idea I cam up with next.

I really enjoyed spending their big day with them and I hope you enjoy checking out the pictures :)