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Jamie + Michael’s Wedding at the Polo Club of Boca Raton

2015 January 26
by rickyste

The majority of weddings that I work are mid-sized affairs, and I do my fair share of small, intimate weddings, but I’m also just as good as anyone else at the big, fancy wedding. Better, actually. This kind of wedding takes advantage of several of my strengths, including my efficiency, speed and decisiveness. At a wedding like this, with lots and lots of people, tons of family, planners, florists, band, it can be overwhelming for a bride and groom, and with the wrong photographer, the rails can fall off a wedding in a hurry.

I take it as part of my job to keep everything going in the direction it needs to, which is why I can be friendly-forceful when it’s required. I was happy to play that role at this one because I genuinely like the bride and groom and wanted them to enjoy their day as much as possible, and the venue / decor took care of a lot of the photos anyway. It was just a lovely day with a great couple and I was very proud to have been a part of it!

Shot with Michelle from Minerva Photography.

Melanie & Jason’s Engagement Session at Bill Baggs Park in Key Biscayne

2015 January 15
by rickyste

Melanie and I go way back to the days when she was my daughter’s pre-school teacher, so it’s always fun to see someone you know from real life in engagement session mode. Going from “we’re having some trouble getting your daughter to eat saltines at snack” to “OK, SMILE AND KISS” could be a difficult transition for some, but neither of us is much for formality anyway :) As I came to learn, neither is Jason, so the wedding promises to be a lot of free-wheeling fun for us all!

Alyssa & Orlando’s Wedding at the Doral Park Country Club

2015 January 12
by rickyste

Alyssa and I talked to day before the wedding on the phone because she had sent over some (admittedly very cute) photo ideas that she wanted to incorporate into the day. I assured her there was no time and we should not even try. She told me we should give it a go and see what we could get, and I (maybe a little too grudgingly) agreed.

But, once I commit to something, I go all the way, and immediately after the ceremony we went on a cute photo idea sprint to see how many we could manage. Not only did we clear the list, they ALSO gave me a massive amount of time to conduct a night portrait session of my own invention. By the time we were finished I was on my knees apologizing for my pig-headedness and thanking them for all the creative room. I’m never too proud to admit when I’m wrong. It isn’t common, but it does occur :)

The real overwhelming feeling at Alyssa and Orlando’s wedding was that everyone in attendance really, truly cares about them and it was obvious to see why. These two are kind, fun, caring and seem a perfect match. Enjoy their photos!

Stephanie & Angel’s Wedding at Longans Place

2015 January 6
by rickyste

This was a funny wedding in that there was no getting ready and I knew the sun would be setting during the portraits, so my initial contact with everyone entailed figuring out how to get cute bridal party photos inside the reception room while not getting repetitive and / or boring. It was a challenge, but I used my flashes to add some pizzazz to the proceedings and it worked out just fine.

After the ceremony I had an absolutely stunning sky to work with on top of my stunning couple, so that was just a matter of “how beautiful can I make this.” The reception was filled with people ready to party so that really took care of itself.

I wish all my brides were as enthused about photos as Stephanie! Plus, they’re really good looking and really happy to get married, so bonus all around.

Maggie & Doug’s Wedding at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL

2014 December 22
by rickyste

Maggie and Doug are a couple who can be described as liberal arts meet the US Marine Corps :) They bring the best of both worlds – respect, fun and love galore at this one.

The ceremony was super sweet and concluded with a traditional Marine send off, swords and all. The sword made a second appearance as the understudy to the cake knife, and cut a massive groom’s pie as well. Top it off with a really fun and friendly crowd celebrating with an a fantastic party and you have the wedding in a nutshell.

Shot with the ever talented and plucky Jill Erwich Photography and assisted by Michelle Wilson.

Paula & Chris’s Wedding at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

2014 December 15
by rickyste

Chris and Paula has expressed their excitement and utter confidence in me in the months approaching the wedding, and that’s something I always take seriously, especially from an out of state couple who had never met me face to face. That’s a lot of confidence to put in a “vendor,” no matter how trustworthy he / she may seem over the phone.

Fortunately for them, I’m as trustworthy as I sound and I showed up fired up and ready to shoot. I knew they were going to be a fun, cool couple, but I vastly underestimated HOW cool and funky they are. Their wedding dripped personality (importantly, their personality) with DIY details and generalized silliness everywhere.

It helps when you have nutty groomsmen tossing fistfuls of Magnum condoms and wild multicolor uplighting, but at the heart of it all is the couple, wacky, funny and in love. Sign me up.

Marlene & Humberto’s Anniversary Portraits at Greynolds Park

2014 December 11
by rickyste

I was so happy to shoot Marlene and Humberto again – third time! – to celebrate their anniversary. This is a wonderful, sweet couple and I’m really glad to call them friends. Having a beautiful wedding is one thing, but a beautiful marriage is really where it’s at.

Elise & Leeor’s Incredibly Amazing Wedding at the National Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

2014 December 9
by rickyste

Every once in a while, you either find yourself at a beautiful wedding where everyone cares way too much and the bride is a total freak or a wedding where the bride is really chill and cool, and as a result no one cared enough about the wedding to make it unique in any way.

Then, rarely – much, much too rarely – you find yourself at a gorgeous wedding where the bride and groom are really chill and cool and that’s when it all clicks, and when it clicks with me, it clicks really hard. I felt that way at Elise and Leeor’s wedding; from moment one I was on a photo spree for the ages. Everything was visually interesting, I had plenty of time, and most of all, I had a bride in Elise who understood that the road to incredible pictures is paved with a great sense of humor.

Randy Borges shot the wedding with me, and did his usual amazing work, but I brought him specifically because Leeor had let me know at the initial meeting that he loved documentary style photography, and no one’s better than Randy for that. He came through and then some, showing the natural fun and love at the wedding.

Me? I went unconscious. I blacked out for 12 hours and produced glory upon glory, portraits, dancing, just pure photo nirvana. When I came to and sorted through the cards I was amazed by the heights we reached, sustained brilliance by everyone involved. Oh, and the hotel is beautiful.

Melissa & Neal’s Engagement Session in Downtown Delray Beach

2014 December 4
by rickyste

How beautiful are these two? I showed up in sort of a bad mood – to be honest, I wasn’t totally in the mood for a portrait session that day – and as soon as I met them and saw Melissa’s total enthusiasm, I melted immediately and got to work. There are so many sessions where the bride and groom are pretty blah, don’t really care, or whatever, that when I find someone who is visibly invested in getting the best out of the time with me I kick it into overdrive. Delray gives you a lot to work with as well. It turns out all I need to cure a sour mood is a fun couple, a beautiful location and a camera in my hand. Tough life I live!

Jodie + Joel’s Wedding at the Rusty Pelican

2014 December 4
by rickyste

As I mentioned briefly in the engagement session post, Jodie was very clear in our initial meeting that pictures were of the ultimate importance to her on her wedding day. Being me, I assured her that she was in the best hands possible. I’m all about the photos and I always deliver.

As we approached the big day, I started to get a teensy bit worried. I always get a little anxious about producing at maximum capacity, but I especially wanted Jodie to be happy. I made promises to the bride and I intended to keep them. I was very lucky to be working with a bride and groom who were totally willing to stop whatever they were doing and trust me, which is the most valuable asset on a wedding day. A couple who has faith in me as a photographer gets the world, and here’s what we got for Jodie and Joel!