Mindy + Marc’s Wedding at the W Fort Lauderdale

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I had major expectations of myself at Mindy and Marc’s wedding, because I have major expectations of myself at every wedding! But also, I knew the wedding was going to be beautiful and I knew for sure I have a beautiful couple, so there weren’t going to be any excuses.

And then the powers of the universe started trying to give me excuses, from the on again, off again, on again persistent rain to the vicious wind, it was apparent we weren’t going to make it out onto the beach. Bye bye natural light oceanfront portraits!

The problem was, I had already decided that I was going to produce amazing photos, so I had to figure the situation out and right away. The photographer rarely gets credit for the ridiculous amount of sheer seeing that has to be done (well, I give myself plenty of credit, but whatever) – if I don’t see it, it don’t happen.

The W Fort Lauderdale fortunately has tons of interest, if you can light it, which I did. My best moment came when I was frantically trying to figure out where to take bridal party photos and saw out of the corner of my eye that the leasing office for the condos at the property had a huge, backlit photo spanning the wall of the beach and ocean. BINGO BABY! It was a miracle borne of my extensive experience and uncanny ability to make something out of nothing, and I’m proud of the results. Enjoy!

Grisel + Brent in Ft. Myers, FL

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I had been talking too Grisel for some time about her wedding, and it
was an interesting one for sure. They couple had me travel out to Ft.
Myers, which I always appreciate, for their photo-friendly big day
involving a little tour around downtown for one of my favorite
activities – i.e., take a large group of people and show off my
genius! We walked from the hotel to the venue and stopped along the
way whenever something tickled my fancy, and we all know when it comes
to photography I’m very ticklish.

It was also really fun for me because Grisel is the one in charge of
events at the venue itself, so she sees the average level of
photography at the weddings there, and to be sure, it’s a tough venue.
High, black ceilings, psychotic party lights – it’s be tough! For
anyone other than me, probably. So it was with glee that I saw how
beautiful the pictures were turning out. It’s one of my favorite
things about working weddings; unless I feel like bragging and showing
people the back of the camera (a common occurrence), no one knows what
I’m doing, what I’m seeing. Until they visit my blog. Welcome to the
secret, reader 🙂

And a big thank you once again to the beautiful couple. Brent shares
my love for the University of Michigan and they lost, badly, to Ohio
State the morning of the wedding, but you couldn’t tell that his heart
had anything but happiness, and I think it’s because it didn’t. And
Grisel turned out to be one of those brides who is just perfectly in
tune with me, a bride who I was very happy to work for and I am
thrilled to have made such gorgeous photos out of the memories on

Gabe’s Bar-Mitzvah

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I recently signed up a handful of Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, and it’s about time because I can’t think of a photographer better suited for them. I produce BEAUTIFUL family formals, which are actually more important at a Mitzvah than at a wedding. My personality matches thirteen year olds no problemo. And the parties are fun! I mean, really fun!

I was actually a little surprised at how hard the kids party, it was really great and refreshing for me. My weddings have been skewing a little older and a little smaller for the most part, which is obviously totally fine, but there are tradeoffs. A room full of twenty-somethings typically rages to a level that I’m happy with, but once you cross thirty, you don’t get quite as buck.

So these kids tear it up, and it makes me happy. Being old is lame. Old people need to drink pretty heavily to allow themselves the level of fun these kids had dead sober. Mitzvah for life!

Vicky + Ivan’s Wedding at the Curtiss Mansion

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Vicky and Ivan came through for me (and by extension, themselves) by providing a truly lovely wedding at the Curtiss Mansion. I didn’t walk in with any pre-set expectations, so I was honestly kind of blown away at the level of detail and sheer loveliness that was on display for my camera. And that’s not even mentioning how sweet and beautiful the bride and groom are!

I also deeply appreciated Vicky’s willingness to dedicate time to photos, like really great photos. A lot of people don’t understand that the more time I have to think and see and perfect, the better the photo that will be on your wall for the rest of your life will be. I’m incredibly fast and can produce an 80% photo anytime I want within seconds, but holy cow does it feel good to be able to study it a little bit and make it transcendent. So thank you Vicky! I never have a better time than when I am at a wedding that is already gorgeous and it’s on me to make it ultra-gorgeous. And I do 🙂

Fio + Andy

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Fio and Andy are a great couple who had an interesting setup for their wedding day; after the ceremonial they took a few hours to hang out with their bridal party taking photos and drinking at a nearby bar. I loved the idea. Typically on a wedding day the couple is mostly herded around by a panoply of vendors / family / planners and don’t get a lot of time to just chill, reflect and hang out with their friends. So I was totally onboard.

Plus, Fio was kind enough to provide me with a vintage pickup AND a school bus for photos, which is a great surprise anytime! I had a wonderful day and it was amazing as always to work with the very talented Stephanie-Meyer Senior . Congrats guys!

Anisbel & Ivan’s Engagement Session at The Old Grove in Homestead

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Anisbel and Ivan came to me via Anisbel’s bridesmaiding duties at Stephanie’s wedding, and I was very happy to hear I was the choice to be their photographer. I mean, after all, how many times do you get full fledged models as your subjects? And nice, funny ones at that

Anisbel had a very specific look / feel in mind for her photos, and when she described it I knew we were in business. We went for natural, light drenched and beautiful and hit it pretty hard if I don’t say so myself. This wedding is sure to be amazing!

Pia & Tico’s Engagement Session at a Condo Building in Aventura

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Funny how a mundane title including “A condo Building” as the venue fails to prepare you, my dear reader, for the super cool photos we managed during our session. Pia and Tico are really wonderful and are a ton of fun to spend a couple hours with, and the constant input of new and visually interesting space was like catnip for me. Tons of opportunities to use light creatively here, and a beautiful couple certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Sommer + David’s Wedding at The Armory in Portland, OR

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As I teased in the last blog entry, I got flown out to Portland by a just spectacularly awesome couple to shoot their wedding; it was just as exciting as you might imagine (very) and I was ultra fired up to do my best for them. Sommer was a bridesmaid at a prior wedding and we got along great, and once she checked out the pictures decided to reach out and see if I’d be into coming across country for her special day. Well, a compliment like that . . . imagine, not only could she have hired anyone in her city, she could have hired anyone in her state. Or in the Western half of the USA, or heck, anyone in-between Miami and Portland, which is the entire roster of wedding photographers in the country. And she asked me!

So I was absolutely pumped up to kill it for Sommer and David, and they provided me with a super interesting venue, with natural Portland beauty and plenty of time to boot. It was the kind of wedding where two years ago I would have been in a panic and probably screwed it up somehow, but these days, it’s all good baby. It’s all GREAT, baby!

So a huge thank you to the couple for putting such immense faith in me, it didn’t go unappreciated and I hope the photos show just how much it meant to be able to do the wedding for you.

Trista & Dale’s Portraits All Over Portland, OR

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I’ll give you the full Portland wedding story in my next post, but the shirt version is a wonderful couple hired me to fly across country to shoot their wedding and I offered a free shoot to any of their friends if someone wanted one.

The lucky friends in question turned out to be Trista and Dale, who had gotten married in Hawaii a year prior and weren’t thrilled with how their wedding photos turned out. Enter RICKY!

It was a ton of fun traipsing all over a new city with a great couple making photo magic happen. It’s the kind of thing that makes me happy as a photographer, giving people something beautiful and having a great time doing it. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me guys!

Tatiana & Michael’s Incredible Wedding at the Westin Colonnade

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At their engagement session I knew I had a special couple on my hands. They are obviously super attractive but they’re also sweet, caring and in love, all major positives in photography. So I went into the wedding knowing at a minimum I’d have fun and get some pretty pictures out of the day.

Little did I know what Jessica’s Events had cooking, namely an over the top, luxury wedding experience complete with massive amounts of fog, lasers, human sized light up “LOVE” signs and 10 foot tall robots! Oh my!

But for me, the absolute highlight was this insane confetti blast brought to you by Liquid Sky. Basically it’s a sustained heavy blizzard of confetti and if you know anything about me as a photographer, I got very animated very quickly and managed to peel off like ten incredible confetti photos in a row. I’ve been to weddings where there’s a “confetti blast” and it’s like one tiny little tube cannon that spurts out twenty little flakes. I’ve never seen anything like this. It was perfect.