Anisbel & Ivan’s Engagement Session at The Old Grove in Homestead

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Anisbel and Ivan came to me via Anisbel’s bridesmaiding duties at Stephanie’s wedding, and I was very happy to hear I was the choice to be their photographer. I mean, after all, how many times do you get full fledged models as your subjects? And nice, funny ones at that

Anisbel had a very specific look / feel in mind for her photos, and when she described it I knew we were in business. We went for natural, light drenched and beautiful and hit it pretty hard if I don’t say so myself. This wedding is sure to be amazing!

Pia & Tico’s Engagement Session at a Condo Building in Aventura

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Funny how a mundane title including “A condo Building” as the venue fails to prepare you, my dear reader, for the super cool photos we managed during our session. Pia and Tico are really wonderful and are a ton of fun to spend a couple hours with, and the constant input of new and visually interesting space was like catnip for me. Tons of opportunities to use light creatively here, and a beautiful couple certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Sommer + David’s Wedding at The Armory in Portland, OR

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As I teased in the last blog entry, I got flown out to Portland by a just spectacularly awesome couple to shoot their wedding; it was just as exciting as you might imagine (very) and I was ultra fired up to do my best for them. Sommer was a bridesmaid at a prior wedding and we got along great, and once she checked out the pictures decided to reach out and see if I’d be into coming across country for her special day. Well, a compliment like that . . . imagine, not only could she have hired anyone in her city, she could have hired anyone in her state. Or in the Western half of the USA, or heck, anyone in-between Miami and Portland, which is the entire roster of wedding photographers in the country. And she asked me!

So I was absolutely pumped up to kill it for Sommer and David, and they provided me with a super interesting venue, with natural Portland beauty and plenty of time to boot. It was the kind of wedding where two years ago I would have been in a panic and probably screwed it up somehow, but these days, it’s all good baby. It’s all GREAT, baby!

So a huge thank you to the couple for putting such immense faith in me, it didn’t go unappreciated and I hope the photos show just how much it meant to be able to do the wedding for you.

Trista & Dale’s Portraits All Over Portland, OR

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I’ll give you the full Portland wedding story in my next post, but the shirt version is a wonderful couple hired me to fly across country to shoot their wedding and I offered a free shoot to any of their friends if someone wanted one.

The lucky friends in question turned out to be Trista and Dale, who had gotten married in Hawaii a year prior and weren’t thrilled with how their wedding photos turned out. Enter RICKY!

It was a ton of fun traipsing all over a new city with a great couple making photo magic happen. It’s the kind of thing that makes me happy as a photographer, giving people something beautiful and having a great time doing it. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me guys!

Tatiana & Michael’s Incredible Wedding at the Westin Colonnade

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At their engagement session I knew I had a special couple on my hands. They are obviously super attractive but they’re also sweet, caring and in love, all major positives in photography. So I went into the wedding knowing at a minimum I’d have fun and get some pretty pictures out of the day.

Little did I know what Jessica’s Events had cooking, namely an over the top, luxury wedding experience complete with massive amounts of fog, lasers, human sized light up “LOVE” signs and 10 foot tall robots! Oh my!

But for me, the absolute highlight was this insane confetti blast brought to you by Liquid Sky. Basically it’s a sustained heavy blizzard of confetti and if you know anything about me as a photographer, I got very animated very quickly and managed to peel off like ten incredible confetti photos in a row. I’ve been to weddings where there’s a “confetti blast” and it’s like one tiny little tube cannon that spurts out twenty little flakes. I’ve never seen anything like this. It was perfect.

Cindy & Ryan’s Wedding at the First Presbyterian Church of Miami)

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Ryan works at the church where the wedding was held and I know that the church plays a big part in their new family’s life, so I made it a special goal to incorporate the church itself as much as I could in their photos. The other major goal was to show just how much music helps define who they are and how they express their love for one another through it.

They made that last party pretty easy, admittedly. The wedding featured performances by both the bride and groom as well as their daughter, and they enthralled the audience. I even went around the church during the reception with a small pack of flower girls, acting as their personal photographer and documentarian.

The really nice part about slightly more intimate weddings is you have a chance to breathe, walk around and find interesting moments to capture. It doesn’t all have to be scripted toasts and dances. Honestly, if anyone listened to me, it would be very little of that sort of thing. But what do I know, I just go to two weddings every weekend. For years.

Enjoy the love at this beautiful wedding!

Shandra + Will at the Long Key Nature Center

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Shandra and Will are a couple I met back at Elicia and Uri‘s wedding, and I knew if they were anything like Elicia and Uri, we’d get along famously.

And, unsurprisingly, we did! We hit it off right away when we confirmed we’re all just really friendly mega dorks who like having fun and laughing. It got even better at their engagement session when I met their great son and I was truly fired up for the wedding.

So I expected great fun and warm personalities but I completely underestimated how lovely the venue was and what a fantastic job Shandra did setting up her wedding. I’m always happy for couples but I have special admiration for the ones who are primarily responsible for setting everything up, no planner. It’s a big job on top of the whole “getting married” bit, and I think their wedding was awesome. Congratulations!

Katie & Alfie’s Wedding at the Four Seasons, Miami

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I know a common theme on my blog is “Person X has a special significance in my heart so I needed to do my absolute best.” I get it. I’m repetitive. But what can I say? For one reason or another, some couples move me to see the world from their perspective a little bit more than others.

Katie, Alfie and their amazing posse of friends are extremely cool and fun people. They know how to party, they support each other completely and always make me feel welcome.

So I had to go to 100 for Katie and Alfie, there was no option, I had to excel. The reason is the more exciting and awesome a wedding is, the higher I can take my own personal energy and not stand out. So at this one, with the bagpipers, robots, etc. I knew I could take it to 11 with no problem. So there was no excuse for anything less than the best, and that’s what I went for.

Shot with Michelle from Minerva Photography

Ali & Jeremy’s Wedding in Cincinnati, OH!

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Ali is one of my oldest and best friends. We went to law school together and she is pretty much the sole reason I passed :) So it was with great delight that I agreed to fly to Cincy to attend her wedding and – even better – shoot it!

So the pressure was enormous, especially after meting her absolute sweetheart of a fiancee. I wanted this to be orders of magnitude better than any local photographer. So when the day started throwing us loops, it was a group effort to stay ultra positive, creative and determined to get some stunning photos of a stunning couple.

Congrats Ali and Jeremy, and thank you, very much.

Bianca’s Quince Portraits at the Biltmore Hotel

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I had previously shot Bianca’s older sister Andrea’s 15s portraits three years ago so I was looking forward to working with this family again, and my excitement was proven to be well founded when I reacquainted myself with this awesome girl! She is capable of blistering teen attitude in pictures and let’s face it, blistering teen attitude is a good look on teens.

It was important to Bianca not to have the typical Miami fluffy quince Vizcaya shots and so we landed on the Biltmore for the opportunity to create some darker, moodier images than usual. I obviously capitalized on the chance and made some really original, striking images for the lovely girl. Thanks Bianca!