Bailey + Jeremiah’s Wedding at The House of Refuge, Gilbert’s Bar in Stuart

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Bailey and Jeremiah are a leap of faith couple, meaning they hired me without meeting me from out of state based on e-mail and phone conversations and the strength of my portfolio. I take no wedding lightly, but even moreso when the couple has clearly put their confidence in me when a lot of people wouldn’t have the courage. It’s the exact opposite of the couple who insists on having four in person meetings before the contract; I mean, if you have such little confidence in someone, don’t hire them for something as important as your wedding photos, right?

It’s a slight leap on my part as well because it’s very hard to do an amazing job for people you’ve never interacted with before, and the chemistry really does have to be there for the absolute best results. It wasn’t that much of a leap, though, because these two just effuse sweetness, and once I got to be around them, the love just radiates from them. If you were wondering if true love exists, take them to lunch and you will see it, live and in HD :)

The wedding timeline featured a long (for me) portrait session – which was great – but it was at high noon – not so great. It forced me to figure out ways to get the portrait we needed in the absolute worst light possible, which I did with the use of some super high powered flash. I hope you love it as much as I did!

Jaclyn + Giustino’s Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour

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Jaclyn is a bride who knows how to personalize a wedding, infusing the day with her favorite elements – notable the color pink and their adorable dog – but also an excellently heavy dose of family and love. The wedding was beautiful and very fun, with a ton of pictures, dancing and laughter all around. I also got to take her bouquet on a tour of the property during the dinner :) Always fun to try and do something different.

I particularly enjoyed the bridal portrait session with Jaclyn. A bride who’s interested in the best pictures is always welcome with me!

Becca + Ryan’s Wedding at the Pompano Beach Marriott

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Something about couples that are ultra excited to get married makes me happy. As the photographer, it’s obvious why – happy couple, easy day – but more than that, it’s good for me to believe in love and its power. The randomness of everything makes it seem like love should be impossible, or at least very rare, but it happens all the time, and when it does, I’m very fortunate to be a part of it.

Becca and Ryan are poster children for random love; they met while playing Call of Duty (!) which is amazing considering the level of engagement I get while talking to playing playing games online (hint: it’s not a high level if engagement) but they found each other and here we are! It’s utterly amazing, and it worked perfectly.

Maria & Miguel’s Wedding at La Jolla Ballroom

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This wedding featured a really beautiful bride and some really difficult conditions. Sometimes because of church scheduling or whatever a wedding gets pushed back to the point that it starts after sunset and every picture you take has to be lit by you and only you because the sun’s asleep. That was the case here. It wasn’t so bad in the getting ready room or the church – I’m used to those conditions – but when every portrait features 100% photographer made lighting AND you have the normal extreme wedding rush to get them done because the receptions about to start . . . well, it can be stressful. To say the absolute least.

Fortunately for the couple, I’m really experienced and really awesome at this job so we got it done. You’ll see my night portraits below and please consider that all the background light is mine as well. So there. I’m so amazing.

Shot with Michael Alonso of Michael Alonso Photography

Karishma and Anthony’s Wedding at the Jacaranda Golf Club

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Indian weddings are every photographer’s favorite (stylistically speaking anyway; they’re really tiring). Colors, baby. Details. Intricate pieces of art worn by the ladies in attendance.

That’s not to knock American weddings; they provide a lot of love, laughs and warmth. So when Karishma and Anthony came to me describing a marriage between the two (nice pun Ricky!) I was more than intrigued. My excitement was paid off in spades.

The wedding was a really lighthearted, super fun event where everyone was there to have an awesome time and celebrate. Sign me up, again and again!