Grisel + Brent in Ft. Myers, FL

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I had been talking too Grisel for some time about her wedding, and it
was an interesting one for sure. They couple had me travel out to Ft.
Myers, which I always appreciate, for their photo-friendly big day
involving a little tour around downtown for one of my favorite
activities – i.e., take a large group of people and show off my
genius! We walked from the hotel to the venue and stopped along the
way whenever something tickled my fancy, and we all know when it comes
to photography I’m very ticklish.

It was also really fun for me because Grisel is the one in charge of
events at the venue itself, so she sees the average level of
photography at the weddings there, and to be sure, it’s a tough venue.
High, black ceilings, psychotic party lights – it’s be tough! For
anyone other than me, probably. So it was with glee that I saw how
beautiful the pictures were turning out. It’s one of my favorite
things about working weddings; unless I feel like bragging and showing
people the back of the camera (a common occurrence), no one knows what
I’m doing, what I’m seeing. Until they visit my blog. Welcome to the
secret, reader 🙂

And a big thank you once again to the beautiful couple. Brent shares
my love for the University of Michigan and they lost, badly, to Ohio
State the morning of the wedding, but you couldn’t tell that his heart
had anything but happiness, and I think it’s because it didn’t. And
Grisel turned out to be one of those brides who is just perfectly in
tune with me, a bride who I was very happy to work for and I am
thrilled to have made such gorgeous photos out of the memories on

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