Mindy + Marc’s Wedding at the W Fort Lauderdale

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I had major expectations of myself at Mindy and Marc’s wedding, because I have major expectations of myself at every wedding! But also, I knew the wedding was going to be beautiful and I knew for sure I have a beautiful couple, so there weren’t going to be any excuses.

And then the powers of the universe started trying to give me excuses, from the on again, off again, on again persistent rain to the vicious wind, it was apparent we weren’t going to make it out onto the beach. Bye bye natural light oceanfront portraits!

The problem was, I had already decided that I was going to produce amazing photos, so I had to figure the situation out and right away. The photographer rarely gets credit for the ridiculous amount of sheer seeing that has to be done (well, I give myself plenty of credit, but whatever) – if I don’t see it, it don’t happen.

The W Fort Lauderdale fortunately has tons of interest, if you can light it, which I did. My best moment came when I was frantically trying to figure out where to take bridal party photos and saw out of the corner of my eye that the leasing office for the condos at the property had a huge, backlit photo spanning the wall of the beach and ocean. BINGO BABY! It was a miracle borne of my extensive experience and uncanny ability to make something out of nothing, and I’m proud of the results. Enjoy!

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