Katie & Alfie’s Wedding at the Four Seasons, Miami

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I know a common theme on my blog is “Person X has a special significance in my heart so I needed to do my absolute best.” I get it. I’m repetitive. But what can I say? For one reason or another, some couples move me to see the world from their perspective a little bit more than others.

Katie, Alfie and their amazing posse of friends are extremely cool and fun people. They know how to party, they support each other completely and always make me feel welcome.

So I had to go to 100 for Katie and Alfie, there was no option, I had to excel. The reason is the more exciting and awesome a wedding is, the higher I can take my own personal energy and not stand out. So at this one, with the bagpipers, robots, etc. I knew I could take it to 11 with no problem. So there was no excuse for anything less than the best, and that’s what I went for.

Shot with Michelle from Minerva Photography

Ali & Jeremy’s Wedding in Cincinnati, OH!

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Ali is one of my oldest and best friends. We went to law school together and she is pretty much the sole reason I passed 🙂 So it was with great delight that I agreed to fly to Cincy to attend her wedding and – even better – shoot it!

So the pressure was enormous, especially after meting her absolute sweetheart of a fiancee. I wanted this to be orders of magnitude better than any local photographer. So when the day started throwing us loops, it was a group effort to stay ultra positive, creative and determined to get some stunning photos of a stunning couple.

Congrats Ali and Jeremy, and thank you, very much.

Bianca’s Quince Portraits at the Biltmore Hotel

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I had previously shot Bianca’s older sister Andrea’s 15s portraits three years ago so I was looking forward to working with this family again, and my excitement was proven to be well founded when I reacquainted myself with this awesome girl! She is capable of blistering teen attitude in pictures and let’s face it, blistering teen attitude is a good look on teens.

It was important to Bianca not to have the typical Miami fluffy quince Vizcaya shots and so we landed on the Biltmore for the opportunity to create some darker, moodier images than usual. I obviously capitalized on the chance and made some really original, striking images for the lovely girl. Thanks Bianca!

Melanie + Jason’s Wedding at the Four Seasons Miami

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Melanie’s wedding was deeply important to me as she was my daughter’s teacher and I absolutely had to do an amazing job. There was no alternative. I mean, Melanie put everything she had into my daughter’s education and well-being, I had to similarly do my best for her and her wonderful groom.

The couple, thankfully, made it all very easy for me. First off, they’re super in love, and that makes beautiful people absolutely glow. There was a lot of glowing happening. Melanie’s smile lights up entire buildings, and at a much lower rate than the electric company 🙂

It was raining and it was slightly tense pre-ceremony with the big decision to wait it out or take it inside. I was very happy for the couple when their gamble on the weather paid off and they got to get married in beautifully lit open air. Gorgeous, as was everything else. Not least gorgeous was the work I put together with the ever talented Michelle from Minerva Photography. I loved being the one tasked with catching the memories and I did it particularly well. As always. Enjoy!

Allison + Adam’s Wedding at the W South Beach

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As a wedding photographer, I love different. I like funky environments, bold colors, weird touches (like flamingos, lotsa flamingos) and anything that will allow me to wake up from the sometimes excruciatingly typical weddings that make up a large portion of my working life.

That’s why Allison and Adam are such a breath of fresh air as a couple. It super rare to have a bride and groom who aren’t just ok with humor on the big day but are actively seeking it out. Fortunately I’m all about laughing and having fun so we made it happen. The pinks popping everywhere also helped, as did their adorable dog and of course the straight gorgeousness of the W South Beach itself – it all worked perfectly.

The extra dark reception room, combined with the plethora of glowy little light sources, gave me the tools I needed to max out on interestingness, which is all I ever ask for professionally 🙂 Enjoy!

Shot with Michelle from Minerva Photography.

Danielle + Sam at the Hillsboro Beach Club

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This was one of those intimate destination weddings I’m so fond of; basically an entire wedding travels down, finds a beautiful, beachy location and gets married. The real fun, though,is that since they are from out of state, they really take a close look at the local vendors – I mean, it really is a leap of faith – and when they decide on me as the photographer, more often than not it’s for gorgeous portraits. That means I get lots of time for portraits 🙂

The benefits of time are immeasurable (at least in ways other than minutes) and the opportunity to, like, think is an amazing luxury for me as a photographer. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Bailey + Jeremiah’s Wedding at The House of Refuge, Gilbert’s Bar in Stuart

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Bailey and Jeremiah are a leap of faith couple, meaning they hired me without meeting me from out of state based on e-mail and phone conversations and the strength of my portfolio. I take no wedding lightly, but even moreso when the couple has clearly put their confidence in me when a lot of people wouldn’t have the courage. It’s the exact opposite of the couple who insists on having four in person meetings before the contract; I mean, if you have such little confidence in someone, don’t hire them for something as important as your wedding photos, right?

It’s a slight leap on my part as well because it’s very hard to do an amazing job for people you’ve never interacted with before, and the chemistry really does have to be there for the absolute best results. It wasn’t that much of a leap, though, because these two just effuse sweetness, and once I got to be around them, the love just radiates from them. If you were wondering if true love exists, take them to lunch and you will see it, live and in HD 🙂

The wedding timeline featured a long (for me) portrait session – which was great – but it was at high noon – not so great. It forced me to figure out ways to get the portrait we needed in the absolute worst light possible, which I did with the use of some super high powered flash. I hope you love it as much as I did!

Jaclyn + Giustino’s Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour

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Jaclyn is a bride who knows how to personalize a wedding, infusing the day with her favorite elements – notable the color pink and their adorable dog – but also an excellently heavy dose of family and love. The wedding was beautiful and very fun, with a ton of pictures, dancing and laughter all around. I also got to take her bouquet on a tour of the property during the dinner 🙂 Always fun to try and do something different.

I particularly enjoyed the bridal portrait session with Jaclyn. A bride who’s interested in the best pictures is always welcome with me!