Crandon Park Beach Wedding Photographer: Maurizio + Nadia

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Being the nation’s foremost authority on beach wedding photos isn’t easy; you have no idea how hard it is to get sand out my shoes at the end of the night. But, I will sacrifice a pair of shoes or eight for art and romance, which is exactly what was on display at this beautiful couple’s wedding. It had a truly international flavor as the guests were speaking Spanish, French and English and chatting about life back in Switzerland. I always love getting the chance to spend an evening with people from different parts of the world so I can show them how awesome Americans are!

I was happy to see the wedding was officiated by Wedding by Frank as he always does a lovely job, and the perfect setting was planned and set up by Linda at Forever in Love.

The reception was held in a very cool nightclub, PAX Miami, where the throw-back decor and awesome Salsa (music, not dip) really got the party fired up. All the best to the couple and thanks for having me!

Coral Gables Family Portrait: Lily and Family

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I’ve known this family for years, and it’s always fun to mix up the personal life with the professional. The consensus is that you should never have your friend photograph your wedding; they just end up chatting and mingling instead of taking pictures. I think the opposite may be true for family pictures; chatting and mingling helps! Especially when the photographer has a comparable maturity level to the kids, everyone has a good time, especially me. Holidays bring holiday cards, and I think it’s pretty cool when people trust me with the image that’s going out to all their family and friends. Thanks to them and happy holidays!

Ft. Lauderdale Beach Family Portraits: Katie and Family

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For someone who never goes to the beach, I sure spend a lot of time on the beach these days. That’s actually a good thing; the fresh sea air has to be good for me, and I know the idyllic backgrounds and ideal light are great for photos. I had the chance to meet up with this very cool couple and their adorable daughter up in Lauderdale By The Sea to take some beautiful portraits for their holiday cards designed to make everyone up north jealous. I think some jealousy is forthcoming! I had such a great time photographing their delightful 1 year old especially, who, as you can see, is a natural.

Eden Roc Engagement Photos: Elizabeth and Tom

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I had been e-mailing Elizabeth for a good long while about finding a day to do her engagement photo session; at first, we were looking at Vizcaya, but she decided to go for Eden Roc at South Beach instead. Having worked there before, I knew how beautiful the property was and was excited to meet them and take some great photos. One look at this gorgeous couple and I knew my job would be easy.

Three quarters of the way in, Elizabeth took a spill and sprained her foot (!), cutting the session a little short. I know she’s going to be up and running – literally – for her wedding day, and she has an extra 45 minutes left in the photo tank that she’s going to use for a family portrait! So, I’ll see them again soon, but hopefully not under the sprain circumstances.

Islamorada Wedding Photographer: Bella + Jorge

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Sharp readers of my blog may recognize this beautiful couple from the bridal shower I photographed for them a few months back, and it was a pleasure to head back down south to capture their wedding. It was twice as nice because I had the honor of having my wife join me as a second photographer, and she did a spectacular job – very proud! Bella and Jorge had an incredible venue to work with, complete with a lighthouse, private, rock lined dock, manicured lawns and ocean views as far as the eye could see; however . . . however, mother nature decided to weep with happiness for them and it poured torrential rain throughout the entire evening. One thing that went flawlessly, though, was the hair and makeup job seen below by Nicole Rodriguez (Hair Stylist) and Crystal Cadahia (Makeup Artist).

Some brides might let that slow them down; heck, some brides might let the power going out in the middle of the first dance slow them down, but Bella proved to be determined not to let anything get in the way of a great time, and they danced well into the night – once the power kicked back in! As always, I wish them nothing but the best, and if rain on your wedding day is indeed good luck, they have enough for a lifetime of happiness.

Delray Beach Wedding Photographer: Dianna + Paul

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Dianna and I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting a she lives out of state, but over many e-mails and phone calls I already felt like she and her fiancee were going to be a lot of fun to work with, and I wasn’t disappointed. Her wedding capped off a very busy weekend for me and I woke up that morning feeling a little exhausted and a bit concerned about my creative juices.

All that ended pretty much right away when I arrived for pre-wedding portraits at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. I was pumped to be able to photograph the couple’s First Look, something that is actually pretty rare in my experience. The beautiful backdrops helped, but I was truly inspired by the obvious love these two have for each other. The ceremony and reception were no different at the lovely La Cigale in Delray Beach, which actually proved to be a great chapel with gorgeous rim light. I am excited for Dianna and Paul and am sure they’re going to have a life filled with love and laughter.

Marenas Resort Engagement Photos: Tanya + Vladimir

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This may sound familiar; two posts down you’ll see me with another Russian couple, Vladimir and Anastasia. Both couples wanted to get photos done, and they flipped a coin to see who would go first. Tanya and Vladimir came up tails, and so they waited until Monday evening to have their session. Considering they were close friends and it was the same exact area, I felt a lot of pressure to create some difference in the pictures. I refuse to deliver carbon copies to anyone, much less couples sharing a flight back to Moscow.

So instead of walking right down the beach, we walked left, and I had them climbing into uncharted tall grassy areas, sitting on random beachside curbs and I found myself begging lifeguards to let us use their shack. Well worth it, especially when the bride has such an undeniable resemblance to Jenna Fischer. Right? Right? Also, I learned the nickname for “Vladimir” is “Volva,” not “Vladdy,” which earned me even more puzzled looks when I declared “Vladdy, Vladdy, he likes to Party!”

Delray Beach Wedding Photographer: Angelica + Ricky at the Sundy House

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Angelica and Ricky got married this past weekend at the Sundy House in downtown Delray Beach, a location I’d never had the pleasure of working at but hope to again in the future. It had all kinds of personality, to say the least, but the quirkiness of the setting was balanced by a beautiful and elegant side as well, which made it the perfect venue for this couple. They were a lot of fun and were willing to try just about anything I asked them to do, even climbing in and out of an elevated bed a few times in a beautiful, big, poofy wedding gown – easier said than done. I, as always, wish them the best future and was honored to have been at the wedding.

Sunny Isles Beach Engagement Shoot: Anastasia + Vladimir

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In reality, Vladimir and Anastasia contacted me for a honeymoon photo session; they had gotten married 10 days prior and wanted to take advantage of their trip to sunny Miami to take some romantic photos and make their friends back in frigid Moscow jealous. I met them at the Marenas Resort and we got right to snapping to take advantage of the nearly setting sun. As evidenced below, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was also very impressed by Russian customs and politeness as they refused to let me leave before having coffee with me. I taught them terms like “chill out” and they taught me Russian swear words. I’m doing my part for trans-atlantic relations!

Coral Gables Wedding Photographer: Ronia + Wain at the Biltmore Hotel

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It’s not every day I get to photograph a wedding at a cultural and architectural icon, so naturally I was excited pulling up to the gorgeous Biltmore Hotel. I met Ronia who was getting ready with her friends and family. I knew it was going to be a blast right from the get go – this was an energetic bunch.

The wedding was a beautiful ceremony conducted by Jody Staley from Silvereign under the retreating sun in front of the majestic fountain in the courtyard. My sister had actually gotten married in that exact same spot, and it was fun to stand at the front of the aisle in a very different capacity from my prior role as a groomsman. I prefer photographer, I fell more useful that way, and I’m better at it to boot.

The reception was full of heartfelt speeches and great music mixed by Marc Vane of DJ Peoples. Ronia and Wain spent the night dancing, talking and laughing and I wish them nothing but the best.