Miami Kids Photographer: Edward & Elizabeth

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I met with E & E’s very proud grandmother where she told me how I was going to love my session with her two energetic, exuberant grandkids, and she wasn’t kidding. Between Edward clapping with a big smile on his face and Elizabeth’s telling me jokes (with similar punchlines) I had an easy time making this job look like fun – because it was! The rainclouds rolled in at the end of the photo shoot but by then I’d gotten some great shots that I know they’ll treasure forever.

Miami Beach Wedding Photographer: Veetu And Ariana

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These two couples decided, after large and formal weddings back home, to spontaneously fly down to Miami Beach and have a wedding. No guests, just the four of them, a non-denominational officiant and me. The totally relaxed atmosphere was a refreshing take on wedding photography, but of course I put the usual pressure on myself to make everything look beautiful. With these two brides, it wasn’t too hard. After the short and romantic ceremony, both couples were so clearly in love it turned into an impromptu Miami Beach engagement shoot, just a little out of order. My pleasure nonetheless!

Traditional weddings are fun, but slightly non-traditional ones are just as awesome and memorable. The low cost associated with this whole endeavor makes me wonder why more people don’t have the big wedding first and then something small and private just for the couple. People say the big wedding is for the guests and family anyway . . . this is something special for just the bride and groom – and, of course, Miami Beach Wedding Photographer Ricky Stern.

Coral Springs Newborn Photographer: SJ

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When I got a call from a very excited expectant mother about a newborn session with her soon-to-be born baby boy, I got just as excited because I could use my plethora of baby boy hats I recently bought. I have a lot of moms tell me they don’t want to use any hats, and they always reconsider very quickly when they see their little newborn wearing a little knit hat. Cheesy? Yes. Adorable? For sure. It doesn’t hurt when the newborn in question is super cute himself. Of course, you don’t want to ever go overboard on props (I mean, I’ve seen pictures with live geese and piglets . . . really?) The focus should always be the baby, not a petting zoo.

Despite some gassy fits early on, SJ settled into a nice sleep and modeled his beautiful baby smile for the camera!

Miami Wedding Photographer: Anna + Danny

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I had the pleasure of shooting Anna and Danny’s wedding this past weekend just a few months after capturing her bridal shower. It’s a lot of fun to be able to work with a couple throughout their important life milestones, from engagement photos to their kids’ senior portraits – I practically feel like part of the family! All the best to this happy couple.

Miami Event Photographer: The Taste of the Bay in Palmetto Bay

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This past Sunday I got a tent at this great community festival – half an hour in, it started pouring rain (of course!). I grabbed my camera, ran for cover along with everyone else, and passed the time by asking people if they would like a free photo of them and their family. I got more than a few strange glances, but most people smiled for the camera and got a great photo as a memento of the day they got stuck in a South Florida typhoon. When the rain passed, I was having such a good time walking around taking pictures I kept at it. A photographer is much happier taking pictures than sitting in a booth! All in all it was a great event that was so fun no one let a little rain get in the way of their good time.

Miami Maternity Photography: Tracy

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Tracy was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she extremely photogenic, she was excited to try lots of different things to really get a wide variety of looks. I was looking forward to trying some creative shots and I am thrilled with the results. After taking photos both in front of a pure black background and in her home, we went, along with her husband, to a gorgeous dusk-lit beach to finish a beautiful maternity shoot. I look forward to the newborn session!

Miami Family Photographer: Ryan and Lexi

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I thought I was meeting this brother and sister team at a beautiful park to take pictures, but I was actually there for an aerobics class! They had me running, jumping, diving and rolling all over the place. How I did all that and still managed to keep everything in focus is beyond me – luck is a wonderful thing! They were both great kids who really wanted to get their picture taken together, and I was more than happy to oblige!

Miami Maternity Photographer: Jessica

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Jessica’s pregnant with her second baby and I was lucky enough to do a fun maternity shoot with her. She’s a photographer herself and had some awesome ideas for different poses and angles. It was great to spend the day with someone with such a sharp eye for photography! I’m excited to do her newborn photography session in a few months, too.

Miami Newborn Photographer: Hazeline

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Halfway through my recent photoshoot with 10 day old Hazeline I suddenly remembered why newborn sessions are my favorite. To begin with, the babies are just so absolutely precious; the moms are so excited; and the photos are always so special. It took a bit to get her asleep, but once she did, she was great!

It also confirmed that with newborns, you need to set off a nice big chunk of time, because the shots may take a little while to get, but it’s always worth the wait.